We are grateful to offer a learn now, pay later option through Wizebank.

Wizebank gives you the financial freedom to pay for Strength On Stages in fixed monthly installments over 6, 9, or 12 months with no added interest or hidden fees.
More about Wizebank
Why buy with Wizebank?

1) Buy and receive access to your purchase right away, and pay for it over several months. This payment option allows you to split the price of your purchase into fixed payment amounts that fit your monthly budget. 

2) Secure and real-time approval process. Wizebank provides an instant approval decision with only a few pieces of information. Total checkout time is less than 2 minutes with no impact to credit score. 

3) No interest or hidden fees in the fine print. With Wizebank, you’ll never pay late fees, prepayment penalties, or interest.

What is required to have a Wizebank account?

To sign up for Wizebank, you must: 

1) Be the age of majority in your state or province. 

2) Provide a valid US or Canadian mobile number and agree to receive SMS text messages. The phone account must be registered in your name. 

3) Provide your full name, email address, date of birth, and billing address to help us verify your identity. 

4) Have a non-prepaid payment method available.

Does Wizebank perform a credit check?

Wizebank performs a soft check. This means creating an account and seeing if you prequalify will not affect your credit score.

Why was I denied for Wizebank?

We’re sorry that Wizebank wasn’t able to approve you for a payment plan. We have no information regarding customers not being approved for a payment plan. All customers are assessed based on the information supplied during the checkout process. They were either unable to verify your identity or you did not pass their customer guidelines. Here are a few possible reasons: 

1) They couldn’t verify your identity based on the information provided 

2) They couldn’t gather sufficient credit information to make a decision 

3) Your credit information didn’t allow them to provide an approval 

4) History of late or unsuccessful payments with Wizebank 

5) You already have a payment plan outstanding with Wizebank Please note: you can still complete your purchase with us, however, you will need to checkout with another payment method we have available.

Why was I prompted for my checking account?

Depending on the value of the order being checked out, Wizebank may require you to securely link your account to their platform using Plaid for automatic payments. Neither Wizebank nor Plaid store your online login credentials — they are transmitted securely to your bank. If Wizebank asks you to link your checking account via Plaid, Wizebank won’t be able to offer you a payment plan if: 

1) Your bank is not listed 

2) You choose not to link your checking account 

3) You’re unable to successfully connect your checking account Have any issues with connecting your account? Reach out directly to the chat widget on Wizebank’s website or email their support team at help@wizebank.co.

Why can’t customers outside of North America use Wizebank?

Wizebank is available only to customers residing in the United States and Canada. Wizebank hopes to expand its services to customers outside North America in the future.