Find your signature story, write it, rehearse it, and share it from anywhere in the world—in just 4 weeks.

Virtually work with our team of award-winning story experts. No travel required.

November 7–December 2

Everyone has a story to tell. Let's find yours.

Once you identify your signature story and tell it, this leads to:

Right now you may think, “I don’t have an interesting story.” “I get nervous speaking aloud and I’m just not good at this.” “I don’t understand how to turn my story into financial results—like sales or investors writing a check.” “Nobody wants to hear my story.” “I’m not ready to share my story.”

This is why you need Tell Your Story: the 4 Week Accelerator Program.

Spend 4 weeks working with Robert Hartwell and his team of expert story producers.

Find your signature story and the courage to go tell it.

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This program is an opportunity to work with a team of award-winning creatives—including a Broadway performing artist and television host, a Hollywood screenwriter, and brilliant story coaches—for a fraction of what it would be to hire them individually.


This program is perfect for you, if:

SCHEDULE + How it Works

Program dates

November 7–December 2


Work virtually with us from any location in the world. No travel required.


WEEk 1
Who Needs to Hear Your Story?

Live Training: Tuesday 11/8

Support Call: Friday 11/11

Do you need to tell your story to clients, investors, agents, sponsors, journalists, to your social media audience, or…someone else? During Week 1, you will determine who needs to hear your story—and why. And, what you need to do in order to get in front of this audience. 

Outcome of Week 1: You know who needs to hear your story. You have a list of specific people to contact. You understand the steps you need to take to bring your story to the audience who needs to hear it.

WEEk 2
Write Your Story

Live Training: Tuesday 11/15

Support Call: Friday 11/18

Use our framework to discover the signature story that you need to be telling at this moment in your career. Write a messy rough draft. Use our tips to tweak your story and make it stronger. 

Outcome of Week 2: You have a powerful story—written down. You have crafted a story that is compelling, truthful, and that people will not forget. We show you how to get this done—even if you think you have zero writing skills.

WEEk 3
Rehearse Your Story

Live Training: Tuesday 11/22

Support Call: Friday 11/25

Last week, you wrote your story. This week, you will practice telling it aloud—several times. The more you rehearse, the more your confidence grows.

Outcome of Week 3: You have rehearsed your story numerous times. You’ve gotten coaching and tips from us to help you feel more natural, relaxed, and confident. You’re feeling braver and ready to share your story in public.

WEEk 4
Record + Share Your Story

Live Training: Tuesday 11/29

Support Call: Friday 12/2

This week, you record yourself telling your story aloud. Record using whatever you’ve got—your phone, laptop, you don’t need fancy equipment. This is an opportunity to practice being on-camera and build confidence. We give you expert tips on how to get your lighting and sound just right. 

Your assignment this week—go share your story with (at least) one person…or more people if you want! Share your story with a client, investor, journalist, or with a group of people. You’ve put in the work. Now it’s time to go share.

Outcome of Week 4: You understand how to record your story in a professional manner so that it looks and sounds excellent. And, you have taken a courageous step: you shared your story! 


By investing in this program, you will:

What clients say about working with robert

“Robert Hartwell has a gift and you have to experience it to really understand it. Obviously you can see that he’s such a talented person and a bright, amazing human being. But once you get in his presence, once he works with you directly on your story, you start to realize how truly transformational his gift is.”

Tivi Jones

Founder and CEO of Hey, Awesome Girl Creative Studio

“My experience with Robert Hartwell has been nothing short of amazing. He comes across as this huge personality, but really he’s very soft and very gentle;  you can feel his energy. He is very caring and just really in tune; he makes you feel seen.”

Dr. Shenelle Dubose

Founder of Agile Design Services

“Robert is highly trained and he takes his craft very seriously.  He is someone who really cares about those who he serves.”

Arlena Jackson

Founder and CEO of Elevation Ally

“To make a story come to life that was hard to tell is just so beautiful. Thank you, Robert, to you and your team for what you have given me. I am so grateful.”

Kristina Italic

Founder of Evoke Body

“Robert, I’m just overwhelmed and thankful that you got me to a place to tell this story. This is the authenticity and transparency that I want in the next season of my life and I am so grateful.”

Chelsea Williams

Founder + CEO of Reimagine Talent Consulting

“Robert is the most amazing artist! Just the talent and ability to shape a story and pull it out-  he’s able to access it in such a way and it’s just magnificent to watch.”

Dr. Sabrina Couch

Founder of F*ck Being Stuck, Psychologist, Author, and Life Coach

“After working with Robert, it’s such a joy to experience somebody’s true craft.  Robert truly is a storyteller. I have not experienced that before and to witness him work with us in such an intimate way was such an honor.”

Jordan Gill

CEO of Systems Saved Me

“Robert Hartwell has a gift and you have to experience it to really understand it. Obviously you can see that he’s such a talented person and a bright, amazing human being. But once you get in his presence, once he works with you directly on your story, you start to realize how truly transformational his gift is.”

Tivi Jones

Founder and CEO of Hey, Awesome Girl Creative Studio

Meet Your Coach, Robert Hartwell

Robert Hartwell is an award-winning Broadway performer, choreographer, director, producer, and entrepreneur. He is the host and executive producer of Taking Back the House, a television show presented by OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Scott Brothers Entertainment.

From stage to screen, Robert creates jaw-dropping moments that leave audiences awestruck and inspired. You’ve seen Hartwell in Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and featured in Pharrell and Jay-Z’s hit music video, “Entrepreneur.”

You might know Robert from his viral social media post. After purchasing a 200-year-old colonial mansion (which was built back when slavery was still legal Federally in the US), Robert inspired millions with his message of reinvention, liberation, and hope. As a Black gay man, he vowed to fill this home with love, honor his ancestors, tell their stories, and say their names.

Robert is the founder of The Broadway Collective, a musical theater education company for  teens. The company made the Inc 5000 List for its rapid growth: 440% revenue increase in 3 years. He’s a seasoned educator who understands how to bring out the greatness inside each client – whether they’re a teenager or grown-up.  After working with Robert,  97% of his students get into the top musical theatre college programs in the country—with scholarships. 

As a director and choreographer his work has been seen at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Kennedy Center in DC, and numerous theaters across the country.

Robert’s work has been featured in countless media outlets including Good Morning America, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, People, and more.

Robert divides his time between New York City, Los Angeles, and his new home in Massachusetts.

I asked a few clients, “After you worked with me—and then you told your story—what happened?” Here is what they reported back.

“I told my story to an investor. He told me: I’m in. Robert, I’m in shock and crying. So grateful.”


“I told my story to a fashion designer. He was so inspired by my mission that he offered to dress me for an NYC event—for free!”


“I told my story during a webinar and it really impacted people. At the end, 5 new clients signed up to work with me. This has never happened before!”


“I told my story in a newsletter and got 20 emails back. People told me they were so moved by what I shared. I’ve never had this kind of response before.”


“I told my story and the best part is how liberated I feel. This story wanted to come out. I realized I’d been bottling it inside for so long and didn’t even recognize I was doing it.”


This is the power of telling your story. Support arrives. Doors unlock. Miracles happen.

Pay in Full (Save $500)

1 time EARLY BIRD paymenTS
(ReguARLY $3,995)

$1,997 USD

Pay Over Time

3 monthly EARLY BIRD payments
(REguarly $4,495)

$832 USD

A note from Robert

When you tell your story, miracles happen.

Friend, I have experienced numerous miracles in my life. 

When an investor wrote me a check for $150,000 even though we’d only known each other for 10 minutes.

When a flooring company provided $300,000 worth of materials for my new dance studio and rehearsal space—free of charge.

When I got a TV show deal with the Oprah Winfrey Network.

All of these miracles happened because I did one thing: I told my story. 

I told the story of my career, my mission, and where I am heading in life. I shared my truth and did not hold back. When you tell your story—with courage and honesty—angels arrive and doors open for you. 

I truly believe that finding your story and telling it is THE magic ingredient that transforms your career. It happened to me. It happens for my clients, too. 

Let’s find your story (even if you think you don’t have one…you do) and bring it to the people who need to hear it.

–Robert Hartwell


No. This is a virtual program. Work with us from your home, office, or wherever you are. No travel required.

Program tuition: $5,497 USD

Pay in Full discount (save $500): $4,995 USD

Thanks to our partnership with Wizebank, you can pay for this program over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months—with no added fees or interest. This means you can get started with only an initial deposit of just today.  Their slogan is “learn now, pay later”.  

Yes. You can request help during the LIVE training sessions, LIVE coaching sessions, or by posting a question inside the private discussion space.   However, this is a group coaching program.

Do this program if…you’re an entrepreneur, author, coach, consultant, educator, salesperson, or any profession that involves speaking, communication, and inspiring people to take action. 

See more details.

Each week, here’s the time commitment that we recommend:

+ 1 hour to complete your worksheet and assignment of the week.

+ 1 hour to attend the LIVE training session.

+ 1 hour to attend the LIVE coaching/support session.

+ 1 hour to post inside the private discussion space: connect with fellow program participants, ask questions, get help, share encouragement. 

= 4 hours per week x 4 weeks in a row. 

In total, you can expect to put 16 hours into this program. In exchange, you get stronger storytelling and speaking skills—and greater courage and confidence—which takes your career to the next level. The time commitment is minimal compared to the results that you get. 

You don’t have 16 hours available? Be resourceful and create the time you need. Cancel an unnecessary meeting. Delegate household chores to your teenager. Skip social media or Netflix for a little while. There are hundreds of ways to free up space in your schedule and we know you can do it.

Telling your story can bring up a lot of emotions. It can feel vulnerable. This is why you might notice resistance showing up. 

You might feel like, “I don’t have time to do this,” “I’m not ready for something like this,” “I don’t have a story to tell,” “Maybe I’ll do this in a few years,” “This is too expensive for someone like me,” “This team is so amazing! I will embarrass myself,” “I’m not ready to show up and be seen in the Zoom meetings, I need to lose 40 pounds first,” and so on. 

Here’s our advice to you… 

If there’s a part of you that feels called to do this, this call is arising for a reason. Don’t overthink it. Just sign up. Be courageous and take the leap.

We understand ALL of the complicated emotions that can arise when it comes to telling your story. We’re here to help you work through these emotions and find the courage and confidence that’s inside of you. You will be supported the entire way. We can’t wait to hear your story.

November 7–December 2