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Friday AUG 16

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The Schedule

Monday 8/12

Storytelling as a Money-generating machine.

You’ve been taught you’re one funnel away from financial freedom– I’m here to let you know if it’s not connected to an authentic story that motivates your audience to action: it will not work.  

You may think you don’t have a powerful story to tell, but I promise, you will be quick to find yoursYou will not leave the first day of this challenge without a fire and focus on how we can turn your situation around through storytelling. 

Tuesday 8/13

Why Your Story Matters

How many opportunities have you taken yourself off of the table for because you didn’t believe you were worthy? How many opportunities have you missed because you weren’t ready

Many of us are from historically underrepresented communities–whether you are disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or anyone who has been overlooked.

You’ve been trained to believe your story isn’t worth being told. Lies. And real talk…we can’t let them win. Lives are depending on your story being told. Because representation matters.

I’m gonna get all up in your business and help clear the mental garbage on Day 2 because your story matters. Period.

Wednesday 8/14

Identify Your Signature Story

You might think your life is unremarkable, or that you don’t have any interesting stories to tell.

You’re wrong.

There’s a powerful story inside of everyone including you. Learn how to mine through your life to find THE STORY you need to be telling at this exact moment in your career.

I’m going to walk you through an exercise that not only examines the mountain top experiences in your life, but also the valleys. Nobody likes to talk about the valleys. But the valleys are where we learn.  

Yes, there’s going to be some uncovering, healing, and celebrating on Day 3. 

Thursday 8/15

Write your Signature Story

Now that you’ve identified your Signature Story, write it out.

We give you a 3-part framework that simplifies the writing process. If you can write an email or Instagram post, then you can do this successfully.  

This challenge isn’t about perfection, but learning and committing to the process. 

Friday 8/16

Rehearse your Signature Story

Learn my “READY IN 5” rehearsal technique: a 5-minute exercise to get you physically and emotionally prepared to deliver your story to an audience. Do “READY IN 5” right before any high-stakes moment, like a pitch, presentation, or livestream.

I spent 10 years as Broadway performer, director, and choreographer…I’m an expert at coaching rehearsal techniques. Storytelling is not about showing up and “winging it.” There is a craft to it and we are going to explore proven techniques to prepare with confidence. 

Then, I will walk you through how you can share your story with a client, student, investor, or journalist to get the highest return on investment from your work over the past 5 days.

Working with Robert is straight up magical. He cuts through the noise and gets right to the heart of what you have to share, not letting you shy away from the real sh*t. His intuition dives taps into your soul while his skill holds your story with the care needed for you to be vulnerable and honest (with yourself and the world).

Cecily Engelhart

CEO + Life Coach / Cecily Rose LLC

Working with Robert is inspiring, empowering, and educational all wrapped up in one incredible experience. I enjoyed watching Robert work with others just as much as with my own story.


Life Coach, Scientist, Spiritualist / North Node Coaching & Consulting

“Working with Robert is easy, comfortable and fun. Robert has a way of putting you at ease. Meaning he distracts you from your doubts and fears with his quick wit, infectious laugh and most of all his empathy and compassion to make you feel seen and heard.


CEO/Owner / Simply-Tantra

Meet your Coach, robert hartwell

Robert Hartwell is an award-winning Broadway performer, choreographer, director, producer, and CEO of Strength On Stages in NYC. He is the host and executive producer of Taking Back the House, a television show presented by OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Scott Brothers Entertainment premiering in 2023.

From stage to screen, Robert creates jaw-dropping moments that leave audiences awestruck and inspired. You’ve seen Hartwell in Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and featured in Pharrell and Jay-Z’s hit music video, “Entrepreneur.”

You might know Robert from his viral social media post. After purchasing a 200-year-old colonial mansion (which was built back when slavery was still legal Federally in the US), Robert inspired millions with his message of reinvention, liberation, and hope. As a Black gay man, he vowed to fill this home with love, honor his ancestors, tell their stories, and say their names.

Robert founded The Broadway Collective which made the Inc 5000 List for its rapid growth: 440% revenue increase in 3 years. He’s an intuitive entrepreneur who understands how to bring out the greatness inside each client.

As a director and choreographer his work has been seen at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Kennedy Center in DC, and numerous theaters across the country.

Robert’s work has been featured in countless media outlets including Good Morning America, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, People, and more.

Robert divides his time between New York City, Los Angeles, and his new home in Massachusetts. 

Working with Robert was an experience like no other! He cares deeply about honoring your story and truth and has a way of making everyone feel seen!

Dianna Moore

Managing Partner & Lead Coach

Working with Robert is incredible! He’s a master at storytelling and he pulls out of you a very important story that only you can tell.

Dr. Taryn Fletcher

CEO / Truly POC Inc.

Working with Robert is sheer delight. He has infectious energy and is genuinely invested in your success. I cannot overstate how incredibly gifted he is at helping bring out the best in you.

Dr. Nicole Rankins

OB/GYN Physician + Women's Health Advocate