What’s holding you back from getting more sales, enrollments, paid speaking engagements, brand deals, and media appearances?

One thing: you’re not telling your story.

Give me 1 hour of your time x 5 days in a row. 

I will teach you how to be more confident with writing and delivering your story when you’re speaking to an audience of any size—whether it’s 1 person or thousands. 

Let me teach you how to shift your audience into action.

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Robert Hartwell
Expert Public Speaking and Storytelling Coach
Broadway Performing Artist
Inc 5000 List Entrepreneur
Oprah Winfrey Network & HGTV Television Host

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Monday 12/5

Storytelling As A Money Generating Machine 

You are leaving money on the table by not telling your story.  You’re delaying ease in your life and profits in your business because nobody has taken the time to walk you through the direct correlation of solving cash flow crisis through storytelling. 

You may think you don’t have a powerful story to tell, but when I uncover the ROI of storytelling, I promise you will be quick to find yours.  I will show you the countless places ready to pay you to share your story.  

You’ve been taught you’re one funnel away from financial freedom – I’m here to let you know if it’s not connected to an authentic story that motivates your audience to action it will not work.  

I’m a helper and you will not leave the first day of this challenge without a fire and focus on how we can turn your situation around through storytelling. 

Tuesday 12/6

Why Your Story Matters

Many of us are from historically underrepresented communities whether you are disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or anyone who has been overlooked.

I say it all of the time – representation matters.  Why?  Because if you don’t see it you don’t believe that you can be it.  

You didn’t grow up seeing someone who walks through life like you so you’ve been trained to believe your story isn’t worth being told.  Lies.  And real talk…we can’t let them win. Lives are depending on your story being told.

I’m going to walk you through why visibility matters.  We are going to look at  your audience and the current problems in your business.  

How many opportunities have you missed because you weren’t ready?  How many opportunities have you taken yourself off of the table for because you didn’t believe you were worthy?  

I’m gonna get all up in your business and help clear the mental garbage on Day 2 because your story matters. Period.

Wednesday 12/7

Identify Your Signature Story 

You might think your life is unremarkable, or that you don’t have any interesting stories to tell. You’re wrong. There’s a powerful story inside of everyone including you. Learn how to mine through your life to find THE story you need to be telling at this exact moment in your career.

I’m going to walk you through an exercise that not only examines the mountain top experiences in your life, but also the valleys.  Nobody likes to talk about the valleys.  But the valleys are where we learn.  

Yes, there’s going to be some uncovering, healing, and celebrating on Day 3. 

Thursday 12/8

Write Your Signature Story

Now that you’ve identified your signature story, write it out. We give you a 3-part framework that simplifies the writing process. If you can write an email or Instagram post, then you can do this successfully.  

This challenge isn’t about perfection, but learning and committing to the process. 

Friday 12/9

Rehearse Your Signature Story 

Practice telling your story. And, learn my “Ready in 5” rehearsal technique: a 5-minute exercise to get you physically and emotionally prepared to deliver your story to an audience. Do “Ready in 5” right before any high-stakes moment, like a pitch, presentation, or livestream.

I spent 10 years as Broadway performer and now direct and choreograph – I’m an expert at coaching rehearsal techniques. 

Storytelling is not something I’m going to let you wing.  There is a craft to it and we are going to explore proven techniques to prepare with confidence. 

I will then walk you through how you can share your story with a client, student, investor, or journalist to get the highest return on investment from your work over the past 5 days.

Meet Your Coach

Robert Hartwell is a world-renowned expert on Telling Your Story.

In addition to his career as a performing artist, he’s a public speaking coach who helps clients prepare for major opportunities—tv appearances, TED Talks, investor pitch meetings, and more.

“Robert is the most amazing artist! Just the talent and ability to shape a story and pull it out-  he’s able to access it in such a way and it’s just magnificent to watch.”

Dr. Sabrina Couch

Founder of F*ck Being Stuck, Psychologist, Author, and Life Coach

“Robert’s got a gift at bringing out the best in people. It’s been an honor. I feel like a better person. He’s helping to elevate voices of color in ways that just need to happen. There’s not enough voices of color on stages. It’s gonna be incredible, he’s changing the world!”

Sarah Bettman

Founder of Bettman Consulting Group

“Robert Hartwell has a gift and you have to experience it to really understand it. Obviously you can see that he’s such a talented person and a bright, amazing human being. But once you get in his presence, once he works with you directly on your story, you start to realize how truly transformational his gift is.”

Tivi Jones

Founder and CEO of Hey, Awesome Girl Creative Studio

One story can make you millions.

If you want to:

…then, there’s one thing you must learn how to do: tell them your story.

“Robert, I’m just overwhelmed and thankful that you got me to a place to tell this story. This is the authenticity and transparency that I want in the next season of my life and I am so grateful.”

Chelsea Williams

Founder & CEO of Reimagine Talent Consulting

“Robert is truly amazing! He’s very thoughtful and very personable. He is truly in his gift and his superpower is storytelling. Thank you for giving me the space to tell this story.”

Dr. Lauren Powell

Founder and CEO of The Equitist

“After working with Robert, it’s such a joy to experience somebody’s true craft.  Robert truly is a storyteller. I have not experienced that before and to witness him work with us in such an intimate way was such an honor.”

Jordan Gill

CEO of Systems Saved Me

Once you understand how to tell a powerful story, this immediately changes your career.

You attract more clients, customers, investors, and huge opportunities. This is a must-have skill.

Join Robert Hartwell for the Tell Your Story Challenge. 

Show up and be ready to learn!