When you speak, do clients immediately spring into action? Do they go purchase, enroll, invest, or book you for a lucrative opportunity? 

If NOT, get this free guide to identify what you’re doing wrong and how to improve quickly.

Meet the Author

Robert Hartwell is a world-renowned expert on Telling Your Story.

In addition to his career as a performing artist, he’s a public speaking coach who helps clients prepare for major opportunities—tv appearances, TED Talks, investor pitch meetings, and more.

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Why are you not getting the results you want?

You don’t know how to tell stories that inspire your audience to take action yet.

There are 5 storytelling mistakes that almost every entrepreneur makes. Want to find out what these mistakes are?

FIVE STORYTELLING MISTAKES Costing Entrepreneurs Sales, Brand Deals, Media Opportunities, and Paid Speaking Engagements

A must-read guide for business owners, speakers, authors, fundraisers, salespeople, anyone who wants to inspire their audience to take action.

Get the free guide plus a highly-entertaining 17 minute audiobook.  You’ll also get exclusive access to sign up for TELL YOUR STORY: The 5-Day Challenge November 14-18th.