August 25 + 26
New York City
Registration must close Friday, July 21st at 6pm

Join me in NYC, and let's take your story, and career, to the next level.

This is a rare opportunity to mingle with a top talent agent, a renowned literary agent, and a publicist to the stars - people with a track record of turning the brightest stars even brighter.


August 25 + 26


New York City

Get Ready To:

Let us open doors you never knew existed.

Being in this room will expand your horizons beyond measure. Mixing with people who have achieved your level of success—or higher—will expose you to a galaxy of new ideas and opportunities.

If you've been on the hunt for a springboard to more success, this is it.

This isn't just a weekend soiree. It's a power-packed gathering of pros, churning out big ideas, sparking partnerships, and ushering in game-changing breakthroughs.

Registration must close Friday, July 21st at 6pm


Friday 8/25


Enjoy a dazzling rooftop cocktail party at the Civilian Hotel, followed by an unforgettable Broadway Show. The stage is set for our exhilarating weekend together.

Saturday 8/26


Engage in a half-day, high-impact masterminding session with Robert Hartwell and Melissa Cassera. In this think-tank session, you can expect big "aha" moments and serious breakthroughs.


Dine on a lavish, multi-course dinner while you mix and mingle with the industry pros who make dreams come true.

Registration must close Friday, July 21st at 6pm
A note from Robert

Why we gather.

When I read Priya Parker’s book “The Art of Gathering” it changed everything in my first business and how I extended, accepted, or declined dinner invites. 

Why we gather matters. 

Who we gather with matters. 

The intention of the gathering matters.

It’s not just about networking. It’s about finding coaches who see you and a group of people who are going to demand you stop playing like you don’t know WTF you are with these last 6 months of the year.   

That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Strength on Stages Alumni Weekend Mastermind.

This event is about making a commitment to yourself to roll up on your miracles for the rest of the year.  Period. 

I’m ready to strategize our thriving.

At Strength on Stages, we understand the power of support. We know the incredible leaps you can make when you’re surrounded by the right people, by coaches who truly get you. This mastermind weekend is designed to provide that nurturing environment where you can confidently step into your next level.

You already know mom is going to have the Kleenex and encouragement while Melissa goes FULL Jersey on your marketing plan.

We will guide you, providing insightful advice and strategies to help you navigate the industry and realize your ambitions. You’ll also build lasting bonds with fellow Strength on Stages alumni – people who share your vision and understand your journey.

This is a safe space for your growth, your transformation, your ‘next level’.

Claim your seat at an event that champions your success. 

Surround yourself with those who inspire you, guide you, and elevate you.

Register for The Strength on Stages Alumni Weekend Mastermind

Discover the magic of unparalleled support.

We can’t wait to see you in NYC!

–Robert Hartwell

This is one extraordinary experience you don’t want to miss.

Join us now!

Registration must close Friday, July 21st at 6pm
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