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Prep WOrk

You get 4 weeks of online prep work before the Masterclass in NYC. Each week includes 1:1 attention and coaching from the Strength On Stages team. Clients will need to devote 2-3 hours per week to their self-paced prep work.
WEEk 1

What kind of visibility do you want to create for yourself and/or your company? What’s holding you back from going after it?

Your Signature Story

What is THE story that you need to be telling at this moment in your career?

Writing Your Story

What is the best way to craft your story so that it has a clear message and call to action?

Rehearsing Your Story

 Practice sharing your story aloud to build confidence.


Masterclass in the City

Spend two transformational days in NYC with Robert Hartwell and his team. Learn how to tell stories like a pro and clear the emotional blocks that cause you to play small. More than just a class—this is a mindset renovation.
Day 1

Rehearse your story in a small, supportive setting. Get 1:1 in-person coaching from Robert to make it even stronger.

Day 2

Today is the big day.  Celebrate the incredible momentum you’ve created over 4 weeks by sharing your story on camera.  You will have expert hair and make-up, videography, photography,  as well as the 1:1 support of Robert on the stage.


After the Masterclass

4 weeks of post-production to package you with confidence and clarity. Each week includes 1:1 attention and coaching from the Strength On Stages team. Clients will need to devote 1-2 hours per week to their self-paced post work.
WEEk 1
Brand Intake

What do you want to be known for and how do you want your brand imagery to help shape your narrative?

Writing Your Powerful Bio

What’s the best way to describe your skills and impact?  We will workshop, edit, and complete this together.

Unlocking Your 3 Speaker Topics

What are 3 topics that you’d love to speak about on podcasts, radio, TV, and onstage?  We will ideate and execute together.

Writing Your Media Kit

Let’s package your copy so that journalists, producers, and event bookers look at your Media Kit and think, “I need their story.”  We will workshop, edit, and complete this together.

/////// 4 week break ///////

This is to give our PR experts, web developers, and editors an opportunity to edit your deliverables.
And then finally...

The Reveal Party

The big moment! 4 weeks after we complete our post-production work your new PR materials are ready. We do a reveal party and present to you:
Classic Participants
VIP Participants

Now you are ready to go pitch yourself to the media, get booked for interviews and speaking engagements, lock in sponsorship deals, or talk to a client or investor and make a big ASK.

Meet Alum Arlena jackson

Founder and CEO of Elevation Ally

“Robert is highly trained and he takes his craft very seriously.  He is someone who really cares about those who he serves.”

Arlena's Story
Brand + Media Kit
Speaker Landing Page
Headshot + Lifestyle Photos
Personality Piece
Strength on Stages Testimonial

What is the ROI?

When you walk out of this Masterclass,
you will understand how to:

After the masterclass, we send you:

These PR materials are expertly crafted by a team of pro videographers, photographers, and copywriters.

Take these materials and go share them with clients, investors, journalists, event bookers, and more. These deliverables, alone, are valued at more than the price of attendance.

What clients say about working with robert

Meet Your Coach, Robert Hartwell

Robert Hartwell is an award-winning Broadway performer, choreographer, director, producer, and entrepreneur. He is the host and executive producer of Taking Back the House, a television show presented by OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Scott Brothers Entertainment.

From stage to screen, Robert creates jaw-dropping moments that leave audiences awestruck and inspired. You’ve seen Hartwell in Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and featured in Pharrell and Jay-Z’s hit music video, “Entrepreneur.”

You might know Robert from his viral social media post. After purchasing a 200-year-old colonial mansion (which was built back when slavery was still legal Federally in the US), Robert inspired millions with his message of reinvention, liberation, and hope. As a Black gay man, he vowed to fill this home with love, honor his ancestors, tell their stories, and say their names.

Robert is the founder of The Broadway Collective, a musical theater education company for  teens. The company made the Inc 5000 List for its rapid growth: 440% revenue increase in 3 years. He’s a seasoned educator who understands how to bring out the greatness inside each client – whether they’re a teenager or grown-up.  After working with Robert,  97% of his students get into the top musical theatre college programs in the country—with scholarships. 

As a director and choreographer his work has been seen at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Kennedy Center in DC, and numerous theaters across the country.

Robert’s work has been featured in countless media outlets including Good Morning America, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, People, and more.

Robert divides his time between New York City, Los Angeles, and his new home in Massachusetts.

Meet the TEam

Meet Alum Tivi Jones

Founder and CEO of Hey, Awesome Girl Creative Studio

“Robert Hartwell has a gift and you have to experience it to really understand it. Obviously you can see that he’s such a talented person and a bright, amazing human being. But once you get in his presence, once he works with you directly on your story, you start to realize how truly transformational his gift is.”

Tivi's Story
Brand + Media Kit
Speaker Landing Page
Headshot + Lifestyle Photos
Personality Piece
Strength on Stages Testimonial

We use our voices For Change.

I think storytelling is one of the most vulnerable decisions we make as business owners.  I find it deeply important to know who you are working with and what our company stands for.  

We believe that Black lives matter.

We believe that Black trans people must be protected.

We believe a woman has the right to make decisions regarding her own body.

We believe in science. 

We believe in equality.

We believe in kindness.

A portion of proceeds from Strength On Stages goes to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute which supports Black transgender people. 

They are our most vulnerable community. Our stories must help protect them. It’s our duty. 

Meet Alum Dr. Lauren Powell

President and CEO of The Equitist

“Robert is truly amazing! He’s very thoughtful and very personable. He is truly in his gift and his superpower is storytelling. Thank you for giving me the space to tell this story.”

Lauren's Story
Brand + Media Kit
Speaker Landing Page
Headshot + Lifestyle Photos
Personality Piece
Strength on Stages Testimonial

See you in New York City!

We can’t wait to work with you.