Robert Harwell is an anointed being full of love, full of light, and a full of guidance, like true guidance. I watched him yesterday work with each of us and pull out of his bed. He has a moment where he closes his eyes and then he speaks. I watched him pull everybody's story out of them. It's absolutely amazing to see and witness and then to actually be a part of it too. I'm blown away by the experience. I'm so grateful to be here and I would recommend anyone that's trying to get a story out and come out of themselves and really truly live as they feel like they were created to live to reach out to Sir Robert.”


The premier story discovery & speaker training program

2024 Sessions

April 18-19

Sold out!

June 13-14

registration ends April 1

prep begins May 6

This is your invitation to play bigger.

This is your invitation to play bigger.

Wanna know what happens when you have your Signature Story along with an airtight media package and learn how to share it with the world?

It leads to more clients, more sales, more media coverage, more opportunities, and a bigger impact on every person you meet.

That's what Strength on Stages has done for 100+ entrepreneurs like you.
Join us for Strength on Stages in New York City and leave with everything you need to tell your story.

What is Strength on Stages?

STRENGTH ON STAGES is a masterclass on storytelling, public speaking, pitching, and selling from the stage. 

If you’re afraid to tell your story, come to NYC and we will coach you through your fears.

If you don’t know which story you need to be telling, come to NYC and we will help you uncover it.

We teach you how to feel confident when speaking to an audience—whether it’s an audience of one person, ten people, or millions.

MORE THAN just a class.

In a nutshell

Strength On Stages is a masterclass on storytelling, public speaking, pitching, and selling from the stage. 


New York CIty


Your lead coach is Robert Hartwell—Broadway performing artist, award-winning director, television host, and Inc 5000 List entrepreneur who has appeared on Good Morning America, pitched to Oprah, and collaborated with Jay-Z.

Who should come? this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for... this masterclass is for...













Public Speakers


Tedx presenters

2024 Sessions

April 18-19

Sold out!

June 13-14

registration ends April 1

prep begins May 6

“Working with Robert is transformative (MAGICAL). He looked inside my story and saw an unseen light. He helped me bring that light to the surface, filtered it through a glass prism, showed me the rainbow that my story actually is, and said, "look, this was inside of you the whole time". I haven't been the same since.”

Erika Cherry

Founder and CEO / Awaken Wellness, PLLC

“The team at Strength on Stages is amazing. Everyone is supportive, encouraging, and perhaps most importantly great at their respective positions. Also, the right team members are there to create all the elements you need to succeed.

Dr. Nicole Rankins

OB/GYN Physician + Women's Health Advocate

“Working with Robert is like collaborating with a professional translator. He heard my story in my language and helped me translate it into an impactful story. He is a rare force.

Nadia Edwards

CEO + Dating Coach / Nadia C Edwards LLC


Week 1: Where you want to be

What are your dream opportunities? Oprah, TedEx, Keynote speeches? This is the week we set your intention and write your most powerful bio to show the world who you truly are!

Week 2: Your 3 Sizzling Speaker Topics

What are 3 topics that you’re passionate about? What you’d love to speak about on podcasts, radio, TV, and onstage? We will ideate and execute together!

Week 3: Write Your Story

What is the best way to craft your story so that it has a clear message and call to action? We will use our framework to help you create noteworthy stories utilizing your 3 sizzling topics from week 2!

Week 4: Rehearse Your Story

Confidence is built in rehearsal! Let’s practice sharing your story aloud and build your confidence.

Pre-NYC Week: Production Prep Your Story

Production week is almost here! 1:1 opportunities with our expert writing coach to help you put the finishing touches on your story before our production time in NYC!

NYC Week: Showtime!

Week 5: Brand Identity VIP ONLY

What are your dream opportunities? Oprah, TedEx, Keynote speeches? This is the week we set your intention and write your most powerful bio to show the world who you truly are!

Week 6: Media Kit Copy VIP ONLY

Let’s create your copy together so that journalists, producers, and event bookers look at your Media Kit and think, “I need their story.” We will provide a guided template and 1:1 editing feedback.

Week 7: Speaker Landing Page Copy VIP ONLY

How do speakers get hired without hesitation? Their materials are ready and in one place. After our design team creates your Speaker Landing Page based off of your Brand Intake you will have editing access. This page will house everything we produce throughout Strength On Stages - your headshots, bio, lifestyle photos, speaker topics, media kit, and 2 videos (signature story and personality piece). We will provide a guided template and 1:1 editing feedback.

This week of curation is worth the investment alone.

Week 8: Pitch Like A Producer Session with Emmy Award Winning Producer VIP ONLY

“The team at Strength On Stages are committed, dedicated professionals. We were well taken care of throughout the entire program. My experience with every member of the team was excellent.”

Renee Benson

CEO and Owner / V2F Coaching & Development LLC

“Working with Robert is easy, comfortable and fun. Robert has a way of putting you at ease. Meaning he distracts you from your doubts and fears with his quick wit, infectious laugh and most of all his empathy and compassion to make you feel seen and heard.

Sequieta Whitfield

CEO/Owner / Simply-Tantra

“The Team at Strength On Stages is super helpful, available, and encouraging. Every individual on the SOS team brings a certain essence that helps to create the best story and materials needed for you to reach your next level. Not to mention, you will for sure have some good laughs with everyone!“

Tamika Carlton

CEO + Founder / Couples Experience


Once you uncover your Signature Story and share it with the world, you’ll unlock limitless opportunities. 

STRENGTH ON STAGES focuses on Storytelling and Story Selling

Join us in NYC and leave with everything you need to turn your Signature Story into a cash-generating machine. 

There is no marketing strategy on the planet with better ROI than your Signature Story.

After working with our team, you will:

What clients say about working with robert

YOU've seen ROBERT on:

Meet your host, robert hartwell

Robert Hartwell is an award-winning Broadway performer, choreographer, director, producer, and CEO of Strength On Stages in NYC. He is the host and executive producer of Taking Back the House, a television show presented by OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, HGTV, and Scott Brothers Entertainment premiering in 2024.

From stage to screen, Robert creates jaw-dropping moments that leave audiences awestruck and inspired. You’ve seen Hartwell in Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and featured in Pharrell and Jay-Z’s hit music video, “Entrepreneur.”

You might know Robert from his viral social media post. After purchasing a 200-year-old colonial mansion (which was built back when slavery was still legal Federally in the US), Robert inspired millions with his message of reinvention, liberation, and hope. As a Black gay man, he vowed to fill this home with love, honor his ancestors, tell their stories, and say their names.

Robert founded The Broadway Collective which made the Inc 5000 List for its rapid growth: 440% revenue increase in 3 years. He’s an intuitive entrepreneur who understands how to bring out the greatness inside each client.

As a director and choreographer his work has been seen at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Kennedy Center in DC, and numerous theaters across the country.

Robert’s work has been featured in countless media outlets including Good Morning America, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, People, and more.

Robert divides his time between New York City, Los Angeles, and his new home in Massachusetts. 

Meet the Team

“Working with Robert is a gift. To experience the magic of someone who is as connected to their mission as Robert is made it possible for me to trust the process and to connect more fully to my own mission. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be coached by him.”

Portia James

Founder + CEO / Behavior Genius + Genius Operations

“The Team at Strength On Stages is a powerhouse of co-creative talent who makes each step of the process fun and engaging.”

Ann Ramsdell

Life Coach, Scientist, Spiritualist / North Node Coaching & Consulting

“Working with Robert is fun (because we succeed when we have fun!). He is a blessing and inspiring - you will see firsthand how his gift as a storyteller brings your story to life.”

Helena Cho

Director of Marketing Data Science / Expedia Group


We have three things to say to you:

1 / As an entrepreneur, success means taking action before you feel completely ready because you will never feel 100% ready.

2 / You can create the time that you need. Two days in NYC? This is doable. 

3 / You can’t afford NOT to make time for this. If you want more clients, more sales, more visibility, more press coverage, then you need strong storytelling and speaking skills to make it happen. Do this Masterclass now to set yourself up for greater success in the years ahead.

If you want to improve your speaking skills…you want more clients and customers…you want more visibility for your work…then you belong in this room. 

This is an opportunity to step it up and GET FANCY. 

Let us coach you and package you like the VIP you are, even if you can’t see it yet.

Because each Masterclass is very intimate 15 clients (10 Classic and 5 VIP), 2:1 client-to-staff ratio) we provide a great deal of individual attention to each person. 

We meet you where you are on your journey—and help you get to the next level.

You started your own business (and want more clients)? You’re curious about doing paid speaking engagements (but haven’t booked any yet)? You’re ready to deliver that TEDx Talk (but nervous to do it)? You’re already a seasoned media veteran who’s been on national TV? Wherever you’re at, there is always more to learn and room to grow.

You can create the funding that you need. This is what entrepreneurs do. We create solutions out of thin air. 

There are plenty of ways to get the money you need for this Masterclass including: ask colleagues, friends, and family to invest in your business,  do a fundraiser, sell services to raise capital, make a big ASK and get a sponsor to cover the cost, ask your employer to reimburse you, and more. 

Don’t decide it’s impossible before you even try.

The value of your work has absolutely nothing to do with what you weigh.

You deserve to be seen and heard, right now, at your current size—and in every season of your life.

We live in a Patriarchal society which means you’ve been lied to—and you’ve been taught that your worthiness is connected to your size. It is not. Reject the Patriarchal bullsh*t and get yourself to this Masterclass in NYC!

This Masterclass in NYC is a 2 day experience (face to face) plus 4 weeks of exciting prep work before you arrive and 4 weeks of post-production support. 

Before and after NYC, the time commitment each week is minimal. Think: 2-3 hours per week in the prep work and 1-2 hours per week in the post-production support. Short time frame. 

You will not get bored or lose momentum. You will not get lost in the shuffle, because we only admit 15 clients per session(10 Classic and 5 VIP)  and each client gets 1:1 attention.

Every human being has a story to tell. (Not just one, but hundreds of stories.)

You need someone to prompt you with the right questions and pull these stories out of you.

Not every story is bold and flashy. Some are quiet stories. Stories about ordinary everyday moments. These stories are very powerful, too.

There are thousands of places where you can go tell your story: meetings, interviews, podcasts, stages, to your clients, to your team.

When you get professional training on public speaking and storytelling, this means you:

  • Get people to pay attention, listen, and remember what you’ve said—because you told them an unforgettable story.
  • Feel confident when selling your services to a client.
  • Impress a VC investor and get funding for your project.
  • Shine during interviews (podcasts, radio, tv) and viewers immediately go to your website to learn more and purchase your work.
  • Deliver powerful presentations on Zoom (and other places).
  • Get booked for paid speaking engagements ($5k to $100k for a one-hour keynote depending on your brand visibility and experience level).

All of this translates into millions in revenue for your company. Speaking is a skill that leads to money.

Yes! Here’s the entire experience from start to finish.


You get 4 weeks of prep work (online) before the Masterclass in NYC. Each week includes 1:1 attention and coaching from the Strength On Stages team.

Week 1 – Visibility – What kind of visibility do you want to create for yourself and/or your company? What’s holding you back from going after it?

Week 2 – Your Signature Story – What is THE story that you need to be telling at this moment in your career?

Week 3 – Writing Your Story – What is the best way to craft your story so that it has a clear message and call to action?

Week 4 – Rehearsing Your Story – Practice sharing your story aloud to build confidence.



Spend 2 transformational days in NYC with Robert Hartwell and his team. Learn how to tell stories like a pro and clear the emotional blocks that cause you to play small. More than just a class—this is a mindset makeover. 

Day 1: Rehearsal – Share your story in a small, supportive setting. Get coaching to make it even stronger.

Day 2: Production – Practice being in front of a camera. We capture a few clips of you looking and feeling your best. 



4 weeks of post-production to package you like the VIP you are (even if you don’t realize it yet). Each week includes 1:1 attention and coaching from the Strength On Stages team.

Week 1 – Brand Intake – What do you want to be known for?

Week 2 – Writing Your Powerful Bio – What’s the best way to describe your skills and credentials?

Week 3 – Unlocking Your 3 Speaker Topics – What are 3 topics that you’d love to speak about on podcasts, radio, TV, and onstage?

Week 4 – Writing Your Media Kit – Let’s package you so that a journalist looks at your kit and thinks, “I need to interview you ASAP.”



The big moment! 4 weeks after we complete our post-production work your new PR materials are ready. We do a reveal party and present to you:

Classic Participants

2 minute edited Signature Story video

5 edited headshot and lifestyle photos

Brand Guide 

Media kit 


VIP Participants

2 minute edited “Signature Story” video

2 minute edited “Personality Piece”  video

10 edited headshot and lifestyle photos

Speaker Landing Page 

Brand Guide 

Media kit 

Now you are ready to go pitch yourself to the media, get booked for interviews and speaking engagements, lock in sponsorship deals, or talk to a client or investor and make a big ASK. 

See the full breakdown to choose if you will be a Classic or VIP Participant.

The first step is to apply to become a client. In the app, tell us about yourself and your goals. 

We’ll review your info. If you’re a good fit for Strength On Stages: the Masterclass in NYC, we will email you a registration link and you will have 48 hours to complete your registration.  If you don’t secure your spot within those 48 hours we will go to the next participant on the list. 

Classic Participation is $15,000

VIP Participation is $25,000

Thanks to our partnership with Wizebank, we offer a variety of flexible payment options including a 12-month payment plan with no added interest or fees. 

A note from Robert

Every day of your life, you’re going to step onstage.

Your personal ‘stage’ might be meeting with a client and asking them to hire you, coffee with a potential investor, a keynote presentation, giving a pep talk to your employees, or something else. 

I want to help you step onto that stage feeling completely prepared—knowing what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. 

I want you to feel poised, powerful, and strong. Looking and feeling your absolute best. So that you can seize that moment and absolutely nail it—and get whatever result you want.

I want you to know, ‘I did everything possible to prepare for this moment and I gave my all’.

 Join me in New York City for Strength On Stages. 

This is a masterclass where you learn skills that you’ll use every single day of your life.

–Robert Hartwell

2024 Sessions

April 18-19

Sold out!

June 13-14

registration ends April 1

prep begins May 6

2 Ways to join us in NYC

We use our voices for change. for change. for change. for change. for change. for change.

A portion of the proceeds from the Strength On Stages will go to these 5 foundations.

Marsha P. Johnson Institute protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people by organizing, advocating, developing transformative leadership, and creating an intentional community to heal. 

Hello 7 Foundation provides vouchers for life-changing and life-saving services—namely, doulas, night nurses, midwives, and childcare—to Black birthing people in need.

Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

2024 Sessions

April 18-19

Sold out!

June 13-14

registration ends April 1

prep begins May 6

Here’s the big question: whose life will be changed because you found the courage to tell your story?
If something inside of you is calling you to be at STRENGTH ON STAGES…then you are supposed to be there.
Follow the call, take the leap, apply.
We can’t wait to work with you.