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Let’s look at our time together to ensure we get you the transformation and results your future deserves.

Monday October 10th – Monday November 7th

You can expect to spend 2-4 self-guided hours per week on your Pre-Work.  

In-Person NYC Session

Thursday November 10th from 9am-6pm
Friday November 11th from 8am-6pm.


Monday October 10th - Monday November 7th
Week 1

Group Coaching Call: Monday October 10th from 5-6pm ET

1:1 Style Consult 

Workshopping Your Bio, Speaker Topics 

Week 2

Workshopping Your Story 

1:1 Bio and Speaker Topic Feedback 

Week 3

1:1 Script + Storytelling Coaching 

Workshopping Your Speaker Landing Page Copy

Week 4

Group Coaching Call: Monday November 7th from 5-6pm ET 

1:1 Style Virtual Fitting 

1:1 Speaker Landing Page Feedback

In-Person Session – NYC

Thursday NOVEMBER 10TH + Friday NOVEMBER 11TH
Thursday NOVEMBER 10

Rehearsal Day – 9am-6pm
1:1 Story Coaching and PR Master Class

Thursday NOVEMBER 11

Production Day – 8am-6pm
Headshots + Lifestyle Photoshoot and Video Shoot

We have an opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

At Strength On Stages we have created a unique opportunity for brave entrepreneurs who are ready to exercise their courage and not only tell their story – but to put it out there in a bold, vivid, and stunningly inviting way.

Let’s look at the value of your investment.
1:1 Celebrity Styling Sessions

You will have 3 1:1 sessions with our Stylists who will create 3 looks for you to be rotated on Production Day in NYC

VALUE: $5,000
1:1 Story Coaching Sessions

You will have a 1:1 session with an award-winning Screenwriter.

VALUE: $10,000
1:1 Copy Feedback on Your Bio, Landing Page, and Story

You will receive 1:1 feedback from an award winning Screenwriter, Copywriter, and PR Expert.

VALUE: $15,000
1:1 Speaking Coach

You will have a 1:1 session with an award-winning Director.

VALUE: $10,000
Workbook + Support Calls

You will be guided through our 4 week Strength On Stages Workbook (filled with templates, prompts, and guidance) with our incredibly supportive team.

VALUE: $5,000
Speaker Landing Page

Our Graphic and Web Developer will create a custom Speaker Landing Page for you where everything you create in NYC is showcased: Videos, Photos, and Sparkling Copy.

VALUE: $7,500
Media Kit

Our Graphic Designer and PR Expert will create a custom metric driven  Media Kit for you that speaks directly to the desires of the decision makers. In collaboration with our web developer (who is assembling your speaker landing page) our team works together to create a seal the deal asset for you.

VALUE: $5,000
Hair + Makeup Artists

On the Production Day in NYC you will have a Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist that will bring out your inner radiance.  You will be pampered and pumped up for the day of camera work ahead! They will be with you the entire day for touch-ups and care.

VALUE: $3,000
Headshot + Lifestyle Photos

You will work with our photographer who has shot both Hollywood and Broadway celebrities.  You will walk away 5 edited photos that will be used in your Media Kit and Speaker Landing Page.

VALUE: $5,000
Videographers + 2 Edited Videos

A team of 3 award-winning videographers who will be capturing your story from multiple angles and editing with supreme cinematic excellence.

VALUE: $15,000
Rehearsal Studio + Film Set

You will rehearse and shoot in a Midtown Manhattan Studio where celebrity sightings are the norm. 

VALUE: $5,000
A Connected Community

This is my favorite part of Strength On Stages.  You are working with our award winning team 1:1 for much of this program and in NYC.  Our team is landing and supporting talent on the world stages that you want to be on.  I always say you can’t be it if you don’t see it.  From Emmy to Tony award winning talent – this is the team that turns dreams into a reality. 

VALUE: There are no words.
If you tried to assemble our team and deliverables on your own it would cost you at least $85,000.

Let me help save you $60,000.
Strength On Stages is $25,000.
Also! If you pay in full, you will save $3,000.

Saves You $3,000


4 Monthly Payments of $6,250