May 6–June 12

Thank you for investing in your growth and choosing to embark on this transformative journey with me!

Working with Robert Hartwell has been life-changing for me. I love being around his brain. I love being around his heart. He has such a heart and gift for serving people. He has such a gift for bringing out the best in people. He truly knows the questions to ask and how to get you to bring, to surface your best qualities so that you can serve the world in the way that you are supposed to serve the world.

Julie Voris

Mindset and Business Coach

Working with Robert Hartwell is pure joy. He just brings out the best in you. He's phenomenal. In every interaction I've had with him, I describe him as a bright person. But to see him in action, his coaching, his style, it really does bring out the best, the real in you. And that is joy

Lydia Martin

Principal Consultant / Solorio Consulting Group

Working with Robert Hartwell is feeling like you're being seen, feeling like somebody cares, feeling like somebody wants you to be your best self. I don't have a lot of people that push me in my everyday life. I'm usually the one that has to push myself, so it's really nice to have somebody who not only knows how to do that, but can help you do it in a way that's kind and compassionate, and knows where your limits are, and helps you comfortably work through those limits.

Eden O’Neil

Amazon Best Selling Dark Romance Author