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SEPT 6 - 8

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

hosted by:


Storytelling Expert, HGTV + OWN TV Host, Inc 5000 Entrepreneur, Broadway Performing Artist, and Award-Winning Director

FINAL Registration closes monday, FEBRUARY 5th at 6PM ET

Please note there are only 10 spots available


This is the year the world hears your story.

I am inviting you to stand in your power at my 200-year-old historic home by having the sheer audacity to be seen, heard, and relentlessly pursue every single thing you want through the power of your story. 

It’s an invitation 200 years in the making.

Are you with me?

A letter from your Host, Robert Hartwell

Dear Friend,

When I purchased my home on Juneteenth 2020, I had no idea that it would become a TV show on HGTV and the Oprah Winfrey Network debuting this spring. 

But what I did know is that the home’s mission was bigger than me.

Buying my home was the easy part.  Staying the course the past 4 years to get it over the finish line – that was the biggest test of my life so far.

There were so many times where people around me said that it wasn’t going to get completed or that there was no way I was going to raise the capital to get over yet another construction delay.  

But I kept going.  

I kept going because I knew that if I didn’t stop you wouldn’t either.  

At the end of 2023, a few weeks before construction ended and the film crews arrived to capture the sheer beauty of what we had created, I was walking around the house and I saw you there.  

I saw you on my couch talking about your company.  I saw you in my studio upstairs working out the intricacies of your story.  I saw you at my dining table toasting to a bigger vision of your life.

I saw you there.  

If I know anything about life it’s that without vision you are stuck.

We didn’t get over the finish line of this home to stop dreaming now.   

We got over the finish line to bring others to it so that they had a physical meeting spot on Earth that if it happened for me surely it can happen for you.  

There is something deeply transformational on that land that reminds you that you are not alone and that your story deserves to be told.

There is something in the creaking of the steps that echoes to you that you don’t walk alone. 

There is something in the chimneys that hum along to wildly audacious dreams swirling around in your head. 

There is something in the sparkle of the chandeliers that crown your efforts with success. 

I can’t put my finger on it, but since completing the home every friend or family member that has stopped by walks around in awe and then in some way finds themselves creating – maybe in the studio crafting movement or downstairs in the study typing away.

The spaces in the home were shaped for creation.  

I believe the greatest gift you can give the world is your story.  

When we share our stories we share a path forward for someone else to not feel so alone.  

Something in your vulnerability and truth allows them the courage to embody who they know they were always meant to be.  

I love my home with all of my heart and I couldn’t think of a better place to bring more stories into the world than at Hartwell House. 

I want to invite you for the weekend to create in my home and find your story and the audacity to tell it.  

Hartwell House was created for us to shine our light more radiantly.  

In 2024 I plan to light this place up with hope.

And that plan absolutely includes your story. 

It’s time.

My All,

Robert Hartwell

Homeowner + Storytelling Coach

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“Working with Robert is really like a mirror experience. Robert just makes you see yourself from so many different angles. You can't unknow what you know after working with him. It's not a pep rally, though it is fun. It's not therapy, though you will heal some things and it ain't church, but you are going to shout because it is an experience that lights you up.”

Dre Brown

Makeup Artist & Empowerment Speaker, Pro Makeup Artistry

“Oh, I love this house—everything in this house was thought out so intentionally—and I think that's how this weekend is the same—from how we got here on the train together to eating lunch together, we were strangers—just everything being so intentional and it's such a beautiful space too.”

Rose Cabral

Community Advocate & First Time Home Buyer Expert

Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story
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Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story Tell Your Story
One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day One Powerful Day


Tell Your Story is a live in-person weekend at Hartwell House in Great Barrington, MA that helps you craft a signature story that magically transforms into more money in the bank and opportunities in your pocket.  

If you don’t think your story is worth telling, I’ll help you reframe that mindset

If you have no idea what your story is or how to write it, I am here to give you a framework

If you need the confidence to share your story, we’ll find the audacity together.

⚠️ This is not a weekend where you scribble inspiration nuggets into a notebook while I speak to you from my in-home studio.

It’s an intimate group of 10, gathering to TELL YOUR STORY – personalized, interactive, and hands-on.

Equal parts inspiration and “get shit done.”

You’ll work directly with me in my historic home to visualize, identify, write, workshop, and share your story. 

You will leave the Berkshires with a beautifully-crafted signature story, the audacity to tell it, and know exactly where to share your story for maximum ROI.  


The week of, we will have a virtual welcome call to get you prepped for our time ahead.



Arrive at New York Moynihan Train Hall (formerly Penn Station). We will depart on a 10am scenic train ride arriving in Hudson, NY at 12pm.


Our driver will take you to your provided hotel in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. A 40-minute drive from Hudson.


Check into your hotel room and freshen up.


Our driver will take you to Hartwell House to meet me for an exclusive private tour of the home and welcome party. A 7-minute drive.


Gather in my studio upstairs to visualize your story by envisioning your dream brand visibility opportunities and set intentions for the weekend ahead & your future.


Join me downstairs in the formal dining room as my chef welcomes you as only we know how - full of heart, delicious food, and stimulating conversation and cocktails.


Our driver will escort you back to your hotel.



Meet our driver in the lobby of the hotel.


Join me in the breakfast nook of the home for a chef prepared breakfast and coffee.


Identify your story. We will head to the studio to identify your story by reverse engineering your big vision from Friday into the compelling story you need to be telling right now in your business.


Write your story by using our world-class 5 part framework to write a captivating 2-minute story, even if you don’t think you’re a good “writer.”


We will head downstairs for a chef-prepared lunch.


Workshop your story by sharing your story aloud and build your confidence in a supportive container with an award-winning director & Broadway performer (me). We will refine your story and make it come alive – this is my coaching super power.


Make bank with your story by identifying power partners to go tell your story to get the results you are looking for. We will make an ROI roadmap for your story in this final launch pad session.


Our driver will take you back to the hotel for a quick refresh.


Meet me at one of my favorite dinner spots in downtown Great Barrington for a celebration send off!


Our driver will escort you back to the hotel.



Our driver will pick you up from the hotel lobby and take you back to the Hudson, NY train station.


Our train departs Hudson, NY back to Moynihan Train Hall, NYC.


Our train arrives back in Moynihan Train Hall, NYC.

On Tuesday from 12-1pm ET we will have a virtual reunion call to keep the momentum going.

what our guests say

“—it was such an experience of going with all the other women (on the train) because it felt like it was a journey that we were all on together. It started to cultivate this sense of trust with all of the women, even before we got to the house—sometimes talking about our stories is very vulnerable, and so I really appreciated that this was really thought out so that we can come together and be safe.”

Katy Mazzara

Financial/Life Coach, Money Mentor

“Working with Robert is the best thing that you can do—he is so much fun to be around. He has such a gift at helping draw out your story and helping you see what's best about you and what your special gift is that you have to offer the world.”

Caitlin Copple

Founding Partner + Head of PR, Full Swing PR

July 18–19

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

SEPT 6 - 8

Great Barrington, Massachusetts


Invest in full

Saves you $1000


Invest Over Time

3 payments of



Please note there are only 10 spots remaining - if you don’t see the purchase buttons above, we have reached capacity.

There are no refunds/cancellations. Please review our Terms + Conditions here.

Working with Robert is serene and peaceful, but still full of forward momentum and action and impact. I thought I was coming to learn how to tell my story and what I got was the affirmation that all my stories are valuable.

Yanira Castro

CEO, Humanity Communications Collective

Harwell House is magical. This weekend has been a space to reflect, to explore and to gain clarity. And I think the beauty of this house is that it does exactly that.”

Christina Blocker

Founder, Momentum Professional Strategy Partners

We use our stories for change. for change. for change. for change. for change. for change.

A portion of the proceeds from the Tell Your Story at Hartwell House will go to these 3 foundations.

Hello 7 Foundation provides vouchers for life-changing and life-saving services—namely, doulas, night nurses, midwives, and childcare—to Black birthing people in need.

Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

Marsha P. Johnson Institute protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people by organizing, advocating, developing transformative leadership, and creating an intentional community to heal. 


Once you uncover your signature story and share it with the world, you’ll unlock limitless opportunities. 

Tell Your Story at Hartwell House focuses on Storytelling and Story Selling

Join us at the event and leave with everything you need to turn your signature story into a cash-generating machine. 

There is no marketing strategy on the planet with better ROI than your signature story.

After working with me on your story at Hartwell House you will:

Step #1: Visualize Your Story

Envision your dream opportunities and set intentions for the day & for your future.

Step #2: Identify Your Story

Reverse engineer your big vision into the compelling story you need to be telling right now in your business.

Step #3: Write Your Story

Use our world-class framework to write a captivating 2-minute story, even if you don’t think you’re a good “writer.”

Step #4: Workshop Your Story

Practice sharing your story aloud and build your confidence in a safe, supportive container with an award-winning director & Broadway performance artist.

Step #5: Make Bank with Your Story

Increase your income and impact by identifying your Story Selling partners.

You’ll leave the TELL YOUR STORY at Hartwell House with a signature story that changes hearts, opens minds, and a path to move people to action.

“Being in this space and hearing the story of how Robert came to buy the house, design it, and how he brought pieces of furniture in really anchors to not only who he is as a person—but how he stands in his power, and now, integrating the house with his business just creates this magical space!”

Tanisha Parrish

Life/Career Coach, Life Under Innovation

Working with Robert is uplifting. He sees something in you that you don't always see for yourself, or maybe you know it's there, but aren't quite ready to step into and he is able to really draw that out of you and make sure you know that is what you need to be doing.”

Danielle Migliaccio-Morse

Founder, DM Squared Media


SEPT 6 - 8

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

July 18–19

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

When I was filming my TV show based on the renovation of Hartwell House, I stayed at Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Great Barrington Lenox/Berkshires at least 100 nights.

It’s a short 7 minute drive from the home and the staff and rooms couldn't be more lovely!

2 nights in a private King Room are included in your ticket to Tell Your Story at Hartwell House.


Who should come? this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for... this weekend is for...













Public Speakers


Tedx presenters

When it comes to writing, speaking, and storytelling, there is always more to learn.

Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, come to my home and let’s craft your story.

Leave with greater confidence—ready for your next podcast episode, speaking engagement, or transformational event.

what you gain


story skills

Learn how to tell stories that motivate people to take action…even if you are NOT a professional writer or public speaker. Tell stories that inspire people to purchase, donate, or any action step you want them to take.

money-making skills

Want more clients, customers, investors, a lucrative brand partnership, or a six figure book deal? It all starts with a great story.



story strategies

Who needs to hear your story, and when, and why? Learn how to tell stories strategically in 1-on-1 conversations, team meetings, on podcasts, and more.

change hearts & minds

Want to change one person’s life? Or thousands of lives? With one story, you can move people to think differently, behave differently, even vote differently.



clear blocks

Clear the blocks that stop you from sharing your story. False beliefs like: “My story isn’t interesting,” “It’s not perfect yet,” “I’m not ready,” “Nobody will care,” “This won’t work.”

Hartwell House is a creative refuge. Designed to inspire. Every room has something that triggers you to think about possibility, but it also has the capacity to shut out the noise that gets in the way of us really focusing on things like our story. It's a receipt of manifestation—it gives anyone that gets to walk through those doors the confidence and the assurance that possibility is still in business.

Dre Brown

Empowerment Speaker, Pro Makeup Artistry

“Robert is amazing—he has a way that just cuts through the fluff. And when I say the fluff, the anxiety of maybe coming and not knowing your story, the vulnerability that you might have walls up around. Robert has a beautiful way of being and showing you how to be, so that you can create and cultivate your story.”

Christina Blocker

Founder, Momentum Professional Strategy Partners

what clients say about working with robert

“The important part about being in the house is understanding the story of the house and understanding how much harder it was for the people that were in this house before us. And understanding how hard it was for Robert to do what he did in this house and create this magic—so I think it's important to see, have some perspective on what ‘hard’ really is, and this house is allowing for that.”

Yanira Castro

CEO, Humanity Communications Collective

“—It's allowed me to tap more into not only my authenticity and my voice, but also use that as a way to pull people in—allowing me to also see it as a tool to go out and claim the ideal clients that I want to work with.”

Tanisha Parrish

Life/Career Coach, Life Under Innovation


Tell Your Story at Hartwell House is $9,997 USD (pay in full saves you $1,000) or three payments of $3,667 and includes a two-day workshop with Robert Hartwell, education on writing, speaking, and storytelling, and a workbook to take home. 

Secure your spot here.

Your ticket includes:

Round-trip Amtrak train travel from Moynihan Train Hall NYC to Hudson, NY

Round-trip car service from Hudson, NY to Great Barrington, MA 

Local car service from Great Barrington, MA hotel to Hartwell House 

Exclusive Private Home Tour 

Lunch & Dinner on Friday 

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday.  

2 nights of Private Hotel Room in Great Barrington, MA 

In addition, your ticket includes a Welcome Call (online/before the weekend) to get you prepared and a Reunion Call (online/after the workshop) to keep the momentum going.

We will cap attendance at 10 people.  If you need any accessibility assistance please let us know so we can best support you by emailing

Imagine hopping on Zoom with a potential client, sharing the story behind your business, and having that person say, “I’m in. Your fee is $10k, right? That works for me. When can we start?”

Picture yourself stepping onstage at a conference and getting paid $20k for a 1-hour keynote.

Imagine sharing your story in an article. Your story resonates with thousands of readers and goes viral. A top publisher notices—and then emails to offer you a book deal.

Visualize yourself speaking to a group of young students, sharing an inspirational true story, and watching their eyes light up with hope and possibility.

Storytelling provides unlimited ROI. 

Consider: Are you experiencing record-breaking sales? Is your audience growing consistently? Are you getting noticed by the media? Are you impacting lives in the way you would like? If not, come to this workshop. Build skills that lead to the results you want.


In addition, Robert offers Strength On Stages in NYC. 

You can apply here.


When you know how to tell stories effectively, this is a million dollar skill. It leads to more sales, more deals, more media coverage, and more people saying “Yes!” to whatever you offer.


If you want to get your team unified around a project, mission, or cause, tell them a powerful story.


To convince someone that your business is worth investing in, you need an excellent business plan. You also need to tell the story behind your business—how it started, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Stories create emotion—and emotion moves people to take action.


Come find your Signature Story…THE story you need to be telling in writing, in meetings, on podcasts, and onstage for thousands. 


Come to Tell Your Story at Hartwell House. Gain new skills and build greater confidence. 


We will exercise your courage in my home.   

We all have different personalities and learning styles. Some people learn by interacting and talking aloud. Some learn visually or by listening. 

But, 200 years ago on the same land that we will be creating, someone was dreaming that you and I would be living in freedom.  

I will be with you every step of the way.

That’s a promise.

We do not offer discounts or scholarships for Tell Your Story at Hartwell House.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask your employer to reimburse you for the weekend. Tell them you’re excited to strengthen your writing, speaking, and storytelling skills because this will make you a better leader at work.

  • Ask a family member, friend, or colleague to cover the cost of your ticket. Ask them to invest in you—so that you can take your career to the next level.

  • Ask your community for support. Tell them about your mission and ask numerous people to contribute so that you can attend the weekend.

  • Think like an entrepreneur. What can you do to earn the money you need—quickly? Start a side hustle? Offer a new service to your clients? Follow up with a previous customer and ask if they’d like to purchase again? 

Find a way. Do a garage sale and sell items you don’t need. Ask your boss for a bonus. Get a client to pay upfront. There is always a way.

This is the only Hartwell House storytelling event I have on my agenda for this year. 

“Am I ready?” is not the right question. Because you will never feel 100% ready for any new experience in life. 

A better question is, “What do I want?” 

  • Do you want to improve your writing and speaking skills? 

  • Do you want to step into a meeting, speak for a few minutes, and have people say “Yes!” to whatever you’re proposing?

  • Do you want more out of your life or career? More visibility, more sales, more support for your mission or cause?

  • Do you want people to come up to you and say, “The story you shared was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.”

If that’s what you want, join me at Hartwell House. 

It’s okay if you’re nervous or feel a bit out of place. Feeling nervous means you’re moving forward in life instead of remaining in the same place.

Please email We’ll reply as promptly as possible.

JULY 18–19

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

SEPT 6 - 8

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

“If Hartwell House could give me a message…it would say that it's completely okay to be yourself, to be inspired in the world, to find beauty and creativity in all of the things that you want to create in this world, and that there's a purpose—and the universe kind of brings us together in this beautiful, magical way, and we should be able to celebrate that.”

Katy Mazzara

Financial/Life Coach, Money Mentor

“I thought that I was coming to Hartwell House to figure out how to be a stronger speaker, but what I really got was a toolkit and a roadmap to take speaking into places that I didn't envision before and to create impact in those places that I didn't consider because I didn't consider the spaces.”

Dre Brown

Makeup Artist & Empowerment Speaker, Pro Makeup Artistry