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what clients say about working with robert

“The Team at Strength On Stages is professional, competent and extremely kind. Dallin, Liza, Desiree and Ms. Elizabeth work together like a well oiled machine and I appreciate how they all stay in their own lane lol. Each one of them held space for me in their own way, so that I felt cared for and special.”

Sequieta Whitfield

CEO/Owner / Simply-Tantra

“Working with Robert is serious business. He is warm, fun, and caring but he is also no nonsense. He sees you and he masterfully helps you to craft your story so that the rest of the world will see you too!”

Renee Benson

CEO and Owner / V2F Coaching & Development LLC

“The team at Strength on Stages is unlike anything I could have imagined! They were all so supportive throughout the process. Each person brought their own unique evidence that when God says go, He assembles the army on our behalf.”

Portia James

Founder + CEO / Behavior Genius + Genius Operations

We use our voices for change. for change. for change. for change. for change. for change.

A portion of the proceeds from the Tell Your Story Tour will go to these 5 foundations.

Village Impact provides access to community-led education, leadership, and economic opportunities for thousands of children and youth in rural Kenya.

Hello 7 Foundation provides vouchers for life-changing and life-saving services—namely, doulas, night nurses, midwives, and childcare—to Black birthing people in need.

Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

Marsha P. Johnson Institute protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people by organizing, advocating, developing transformative leadership, and creating an intentional community to heal. 

The Hope Center provides therapeutic services to the Harlem community in an effort to directly impact mental health needs and promote health and wellness.

“Working with Robert is sheer delight. He has infectious energy and is genuinely invested in your success. I cannot overstate how incredibly gifted he is at helping bring out the best in you.

Dr. Nicole Rankins

OB/GYN Physician + Women's Health Advocate

“Working with Robert is one of the best investments that I have made because he truly has a God given talent of helping people cultivate their story. His energy is contagious and he wants to see you win. He makes you feel safe to speak your truth and you trust him and his team to help you to sculpt that truth.”

Jamilah Bashir

CEO, IEP Coach, and Author / The IEP Coach LLC

“The team at Strength On Stages is awesome! I appreciated their patience and consistent positive demeanor. From the assignments to recording day: I felt cared for.

Nadia Edwards

CEO + Dating Coach / Nadia C Edwards LLC

what you gain


story skills

Learn how to tell stories that motivate people to take action…even if you are NOT a professional writer or public speaker. Tell stories that inspire people to purchase, donate, or any action step you want them to take.

money-making skills

Want more clients, customers, investors, a lucrative brand partnership, or a six figure book deal? It all starts with a great story.



story strategies

Who needs to hear your story, and when, and why? Learn how to tell stories strategically in 1-on-1 conversations, team meetings, on podcasts, and more.

change hearts & minds

Want to change one person’s life? Or thousands of lives? With one story, you can move people to think differently, behave differently, even vote differently.



clear blocks

Clear the blocks that stop you from sharing your story. False beliefs like: “My story isn’t interesting,” “It’s not perfect yet,” “I’m not ready,” “Nobody will care,” “This won’t work.

“The team at Strength on Stages is a DREAM TEAM in the most literal sense. Throughout the entire process, they brought all of their expertise together to keep my dreams in front of me and encouraged me to dream bigger. Having their support gave me the confidence I needed to embody those dreams and speak boldly about the work I do to help others!“

Erika Cherry

Founder and CEO / Awaken Wellness, PLLC

“Working with Robert was an experience like no other! He cares deeply about honoring your story and truth and has a way of making everyone feel seen!”

Dianna Moore

Managing Partner & Lead Coach

“The team at Strength On Stages is remarkable. Their attention to detail, warmth, and serious skills at what they do made the experience one I'll never forget. Each team member gets to shine in their own genius and that models how we can each shine as ourselves while being an essential member of a team.”

Cecily Engelhart

CEO + Life Coach / Cecily Rose LLC